Monday, September 29, 2008


Every time I go back to Beulah and get some mail, there's more x-rays.
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It's like CHRISTMAS. (I got some other good things in the mail too. Thanks cd-makers).
And, did anyone else get one condom in the mail? Thanks, Trojan. Shortly followed by a supply of tampons? Thanks, Tampax.

Oh, and this weekend we went and saw Igor,
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and instead of reviewing it, I'll ask you to just imagine the most Tim Burton-y but NOT Tim Burton (and therefore missing all the good dark themes) movie you can come up with. With Buscemi and Cusak and Tina Fey.
Not Good.

Oh, and we went to the Roxxy after.
Here's some things about the Roxxy:
No chewing gum, no hats, boys have to pay ten dollars to get in, and they only play 15 seconds of each song.

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