Sunday, March 22, 2009

your Facebook status

Everyone's Facebook makes them seem so boring. Quiz results? Raelly? "Which Philadelphia neighborhood are you?" And, just so you know, I realize I'm just as boring for checking Facebook multiple times a day, but (at least for now) I have an excuse. But for real, everyone is boring. This is why I'm probably not going to start with Twitter.

Pretend it's Facebook:
"Susan's dad told all her friends a dirty joke about Snow White!"
"Boys who don't play cards are bad at cards"
"Thinking about cat haircuts"
"Susan is working on her Tetris game"
"Susan spent half an hour at CVS and didn't buy anything!"
"Susan shaved her cat's belly"
"My So Called Life - handcuffs!"
"Susan is laundry!"
(hopefully) "Susan is going to the movies"

See? Boring.

Also, I can't get the code from my Dr. Pepper to work. It was probably a winner, and the dumb website won't work. Bummer.


randerson said...

best dad joke ever.

Drum said...

awesome said...

i think dr pepper codes are a lie because the website never used to work for me either.
damn you dr pepper.

Bangs said...

Know what else doesn't work? Mac'n'cheese codes. You can win a trip to Seaworld. With 3 other people. And airfare and everything. You can only enter your code if you're between 6 and 14. Bummer.

awesome said...

sue! enter those codes with my nephew's name. me, you, beta, and my nephew. it will be a great trip.

christophresh said...

I usually make things up: this is not one of them.
Axl Rose sued Dr. Pepper because their website crashed.
DP promised ALL OF AMERICA (land of the free) a free can of Dr. Pepper if Guns 'n' Roses album came out before the end of last year. It did, so they ponied up, but you had to go online to order your can.
So many (cheapskates- it is a CAN, not even a 20 ozzer) ordered, it crashed, and Axl- friend of the downtrodden- sued.f