Monday, March 9, 2009


T-17 hours (or something) til I have to count backwards from a hundred or say boys names in alphabetical order*.
My surgery is early early tomorrow AM at Jefferson.
No, I don't have a room number yet, but there's some people you could call. Maybe Thursday or something - Tuesday and Wednesday look a little bleak.

Reminder (to me): try to ask surgeon to keep part of skull.
Wish me luck!

*these are things they've had me to do distract me while putting me under. I'm better and one than the other.


LuLu said...

Don't forget that piece of skull! I think we'll be way better during combat if we've got that.

reeves. said...

love you times one billion, babe. you're a champ. i'll most def talk to you soon. lovelovelove, amber.

kamper part deux said...

maybe you should twitter through this experience? they let you use your cell phone during brain surgery right?

FXF said...

also, don't worry, Lost is a re-run this week so you're not missing anything.