Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursdays are for geeking out

Yesterday I played D'n'D (still not doing so well guys. I don't have a weapon, and chose all the wrong skills), then got my Wii hacked (come over and play Mario Kart!), then went to midnight Watchmen.
Watchmen was good, but very long (maybe just cause it was in the middle of the night), and the soundtrack was like one of those facebook tests where you hit random from your iTunes and fill in some questions on a form and they're supposed to be poignant answers or whatever (that's my way of saying it was weird, and at times, inappropriate).
I don't understand why sometimes (most times) Dr. Manhattan was naked, and sometimes he had his little outfit on.
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I mean, I understand that sometimes everybody is naked, and sometimes they have clothes on, and sometimes handsome suits, but there didn't seem to be a ton of rhyme or reason.
After the movie I totally beat Conrad in a Mind Sprint on Big Brain Academy - remember, Rob? I later let him win at Brain Quiz so he didn't feel so bad.

Oh, and I just remembered my other favorite part about the movies last night:
When they were showing a preview for Observe and Report (or, "Other Mall Cop" starring Seth Rogen), which is about slapstick humor and hot girls getting flashed and stuff, the girls behind us kept talking about how it was "artfully shot". They were serious.


FXF said...

In the book, right after Dr. Manhattan is announced to the world, PR people try to make him better for the public by getting him to join Watchmen (in the book they're called Crimebusters) and wear a uniform (one thing they want him to do is wear a helmet with an "atomic" logo on it, which he says is "meaningless" and refuses to wear it, and instead carves that thing in his forehead, which IS in the movie, out of context).

So he wears the uniform for a while, and over the years it becomes just that underwear/codpiece thing you see in the movie. Still later, he decides THAT is just as unnecessary and just goes around naked from there on out.

They don't really talk about any of that in the movie though.

I figured it was ok to say all that in your post about geeking out.

Bangs said...

Thanks, Fran. I was reading the book, but I guess I got distracted. Probably by Twilight, which I didn't like, but felt like I had to finish. I had intentions of finishing Watchmen too, but that was months ago.

LuLu said...

Good work with Hellfire blood. We'll kill the archers once you're home. Also, Mario Kart? Yes, please!

awesome said...

i liked the soundtrack. i had a million more problems with mars and the tigerbull.
also, we were in the front row - which made naked manhattan and moonsex way more uncomfortable and inappropriate.