Monday, March 2, 2009


Dear Fran,
I haven't really been reading your blog: (1) I don't remember to until I finally log into myspace and it reminds me, and (2) it's so full of spoilers lately! But guess what? I'm back in the Lost game, and recently watched 5,1. Soon I'll be all caught up, and will read everything you wrote about Lost (at least once).
Anyway, here's the real thing. People who aren't me, and who aren't on myspace want to read your blog too*. Have you thought about starting a real one? Like on blogspot, or that other website? It's easy, and fun!
Stop being so selfish,

you could put movies on it too probably. I'm not totally sure.

*see comment on previous post "homework"


FXF in 09 said...

Dear Sue,
I'm working on it. I'm trying to move all those posts over here and it's taking me forever. It's "under construction."
It will be up by Wednesday.
Thanks for the heads up.

Bangs said...

Dear Melissa,
Does that work for you?

FXF in 09 said...



Bangs said...

Wow. I started reading it, but am a little "lost". More catching up to do.

FXF said...

if you're still not reading my blog... DON'T start reading it now. big reveals in the last episode and i'm going to TALK about them. and post pictures. so don't look.

Bangs said...

I realized I could just start at the beginning. So far, it's working out perfect.