Thursday, March 5, 2009

one last girl's night before the knife

Last night, I let the girls* dress me up/do my makeup & hair/pose me/take 100 pictures. It was really funny. Leslie told me I was bad at it, and "easily distracted", but that's only because my friends do a lot of funny things, and the Real World was on.
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It was out of my comfort range.

We also made/ate food that looked like this.
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*mostly Leslie, who talks about starting a business doing this, and a little big Marilyn, Nikki and Liza.


lady.shiv said...

What a babe! Where's the rest of 'um?

awesome said...

what mermaid owns that dress?

Bangs said...

Leslie. Who is teeny-tiny. You can't tell, but it's not zipped up all the way in the back.