Friday, March 27, 2009

up dates

I guess I forgot to write about this movie we went to, with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen: Duplicity. (Okay, we didn't go to the movies with them, they were in it). I kind of liked it, but I guess because I had Very Low Expectatoins for it, and then it turned out to be about corporate spies, which is kind of a fun idea, and about a cure for baldness. But then afterward, C pointed out a hundred things that were kind of wrong about the plot and he was right. It was like someone didn't think about the script hard enough.
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Anyway, it was medium, and left me craving champagne. Also made me glad I don't have two unused holes in my ears like both Julia and Clive, it looks bad on the big screen.

In other news, saw my doctors, and (confirmed and official now) I'm doing good. Back to work after next week.
On the way home from the doctor yesterday, I called my mom from the 47:
Mom: "Does Dr. Handsome have blue eyes?"
me: "I really don't know mom. Maybe."
Mom: "I bet he does. He probably has blue eyes."

I also went out. Just for like an hour, and just to the Pope.
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It was so hard to hear, and I'd also lost my voice, so it was kind of a bummer, but we did learn that there is Trivial Pursuit and other games hidden away in a bench.
Why was there a photographer at Pope? That was dumb. Philly2nite is dumb.

D'n'D campaign is back in the works, and this week it was Lulu (sorry, "Egwin", or "Eggie") who really held us up after getting speared in her leghole by a rogue elf. She got healed though, don't worry. Sandro is really good at inventing as many voices as he does characters, and everyone else is good at making the most amount of sexy jokes possible.

I think I'm hanging out with a hundred out-of-towners this weekend (okay, 3), so maybe I'll see you, maybe I won't.


christophresh said...

My friend Jeffrey plays D'n'D. He is the one who narrates it all.
The word verification for this comment is 'efarios', which mush be a D'n'D word, huh?

Bangs said...'s called a DM, Chris, NOT a "narrator". Dungeon Master.