Thursday, September 26, 2013

mug shot

It's been about a million years* since I blogged.  I was busy student teaching, having a short lived relationship, moving to Broad Street, taking high school kids on field trips, going on mini-vacations to the Poconos, Matoaka, Colorado, Honeoye, having backyard bonfires, buying everything on Craigslist and hanging on rooftops.   Now I'm equally busy (jk) sending out resumes and thinking about Halloween costumes.

All this to say, I'm semi-interested in getting back on the Blogger horse, and going another round.  It's an easy way to motivate myself to take pictures of things, write whole sentences instead of to-do lists, and give all my employed friends something to read for 1-2 minutes during their workday (you're welcome). 

So what's new?  This mug, for one.  HZ had it made for me (to accompany my coffeeshop day-life), and we'll all cross our fingers that it doesn't get me into trouble.  The kind of bad news is that the only nearby shop that has a BYO mug discount doesn't have internet right now, which makes it a less-great place to go.  But hopefully that'll get solved real soon.  

Check back for more important life updates from me.  Like maybe a manicure, yikes.

*7 months or something?  "Forever" in blog world.  

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zerbipedia said...

who cares about a discount when you can find true love?