Monday, August 6, 2012


This was maybe going to be a little bit of a DIY post, but it's actually even less than that. A very short version of how to make a window plant shelf for barely any money.

2x4, saw, paint

cleats made from 2x4 bits, Dremel (to fit window mouldings), paint

drill pilot holes

screws, plants (and a hard to see, dark photo).  Done.

It's a window shelf that for some reason, I've been dying to have in my life. Martha had a great version on her site like a year(+?) ago, and ever since, I've been itching for one.

My house doesn't get tons of sun, and keeping a plant on the actual window sill seems like it's awfully tempting to Team Cat, so this is such a good solution. Especially when winter hits and I have to move a few of my littler guys inside. It's the little things, no?

(Oh, and as a sidenote, I definitely finally gave up on the latest avocado growing adventure, and realize maybe I'm just not cut out for farming the green guys. Moral: know your strengths?)

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