Monday, February 6, 2012


So some of us did some art projects that will be in this (poorly named) show that opens this weekend.  8th annual "Fun-a-Day Philly" is run by the Artclash Collective and is going to showcase a bunch of month-long projects people took on.

There's gallery openings on both Friday (10th) and Saturday (11th) , but I think the one you want to go to is probably Saturday.  Look forward to hair-in-jars (AR), instant photographs of favorite things (AM), postcards to strangers (me), and probably lots of other weird, or normal, but hopefully interesting projects by people you know and don't know.

  Studio 34
  4522 Baltimore Ave. (yes, that's WEST Philly!)
  Philadelphia, PA 19143

To encourage maximum hangout/see each other at this potentially weird thing, we're thinking Saturday, 8:30, with a go-out after.  Come?  I'll remind you.

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marilynski said...

i'm flaking. will be there, will not contribute.